July was always a special month for me as a kid . This was usually the month that the Krause family went on vacation. In 1989, we started to rent a little cottage on 57th Street and West Avenue in Ocean City, New Jersey. We rented the same place till about 2014, when the owner retired and did not want to rent it out anymore. (I do not blame him I would do the same thing.) The beach was kind of at the “end of Ocean City;” it had a pavilion, a ramp, and bathrooms (which back in 1989 was a luxury, since most beaches did not have them in Ocean City at the time.) Off to the right-hand side, looking toward the ocean, there were tons of rocks, and beyond those rocks out into the ocean was an old fishing pier. There were even pilings without any planks heading up to it.

Each year the fishing pier became some kind of mystery. There was a small square shack on top of it, which I am assuming probably was a place where bait was sold. One year a pirate flag hung out of the top of it. (How it got up there, I have no clue.) Every year the pier seemed to disintegrate more right before our eyes. This was done through general rotting and whatever storm/hurricane came through the area. In some ways it was sad to see a staple that was there every summer be gone right before our eyes.

Every year before vacation would end, I would get depressed that the vacation was ending. I would always go up to the beach on that Saturday morning and vow to return next year.

When I was able to start driving down to the shore by myself, I would always spend the day of leaving vacation one last day down there. One year I went into one of the gift shops trying to find something to commemorate that vacation. I found in a gift shop in a small brown frame the 59th street fishing pier. On it were written these words: “Behold I make all things new, Revelations 21:5.” Immediately I bought it without any hesitation!

This picture has followed me wherever I go in life. Right now, it is currently on my desk up in my office in my house. It is sometimes a happy reminder and sometimes a hard thing to look at depending on what I am going through at the time. God does make everything new, sometimes not in our time, but in God’s time. These are words I continue to try to meditate on daily.

Last time I looked the pier was no longer there, but sometimes a piece of wood will wash up on the shore. I still look out at that beach and visualize those past summers with it there, but like the waves that come in and crash, something new is being created.

 Blessings in your journey,

 Pastor Jonathan