I bought some action figures this week from a guy on Facebook marketplace. As we started chatting, I found out he was clergy. We talked briefly about each of our roles and people we knew in common. At one point in the discussion he said something like, "Make Church weird!" I realized I have lived by these words since I started in seminary.

I reflected on these words this week and we are in some pretty "weird times" right now. I mean, looking at the baseball games the other night, seeing the stands with cardboard cutouts of people, well, pretty weird.

The movie theaters have been closed this summer (yes, this has been a recurring theme in my updates), and that is pretty weird to me. I remember when there used to be lines half way around the block, just to see the newest blockbuster movie. Now, there is nothing.

The fact that people are now comparing how much better their mask looks then the other person's mask is just weird to me. People are actually having a different mask to wear each day that coordinates with their outfit. I would say this is weird, but I probably would do that as well.

We have been put through some uncomfortable times lately. The disciples, I believe, felt the same way when Jesus told them to go out and do something. It was some pretty weird times back then too. A man walking around, curing people, claiming to be the son of God, well, that was just maddening. Oh, and he was going to be raised from the dead, yeah, ok? Sure, why not ? This, my friends, is a good weird, and also takes a leap of faith.

Well, my friends, I, Debbi , Kendra, Donna, Ginny, and Robin are about to “make church weird!" For the first time there will be a do-by-yourself Vacation Bible School for the kids and friends of the church. Kits will be delivered to your door with all kinds of activities during the week of August 3rd. Our title is "All God's Creatures, Great or Small." The theme is camping. Yes, Vacation Bible School is still happening, but it is a weird – and FUN -- sort of way of doing things. I do wish to personally thank Debbi, Kendra, Donna, Ginny, and Robin for their ideas and commitment to this project. This was weird because it was the first time I have ever done a planning meeting over zoom, email, and texts. Overall, we had a lot of fun.

Now I do need the parent's help -- send me pictures of the kids doing the projects! We want to see our " campers!"

In the end, "weird" is great, so stay weird, and we will all get through this together!
 Blessings in your journey,

 Pastor Jonathan