Summertime, some of my greatest times being a young kid/youth . It is fun to reminisce about certain times. I went back to last year’s update around this time and saw that I talked about the shore. This year I’m taking this in a whole new direction, my favorite, movies! Movies were always very popular in the summertime because this is when the best movies came out, otherwise known as blockbusters.

There were many times I would be at the church doing something on a week night, and then I would head over to the movies. Sometimes the movies were in “first run” theaters, or if I had only 2 dollars in my pocket, I went to another movie theater down the street that showed “second run” movies and paid a $1.50.

There still is a drive-in theater up near Allentown called Shankweiler’s drive in. There were many nights I convinced my parents to take my sister and me there . The food was cheap. I even remember some of the double features, such as the movie, Explorers, and then the second feature was a movie called D.A.R.Y.L. Two movies for the price of one. It is still the best deal out there .

There was one summer that still sticks in my mind for movies which was the summer of 1989. The movie business called it the “sequel summer,“ the reason being that just about every movie that was released was a sequel. Being a comic nerd for most of my life, the Batman movie was the one to see. I think I saw it like 4 times that summer. There was also an awesome soundtrack to it as well (you know back when movies had awesome soundtracks.)

There was certainly not a shortage of movies that summer and a little something for everyone. Unfortunately, this summer there may be. So, I had an idea. There are some great movies out there that are always open for discussion. Some have deep spiritual and theological meanings behind them, and the fun part is that you have probably seen them. So, I am going to try for the youth of our church to have some fun .

Every Tuesday night starting on June 9th at 7:00pm we will do a zoom call and discuss “ the movie of the week.” I’ve selected some interesting movies for us to watch, the only thing is, you have to watch it before the discussion. This way you can pick the time to watch it. All these movies are on Netflix . Now if you don’t have Netflix, send me a message, and we will figure something out. 

So here are the first four we are discussing: June 9th- Groundhog Day; June 16- Soul Surfer; June 23- Back to the Future; June 30- Alive and Kicking (this is a documentary, but trust me it has a very strong message to it.) I am really trying to pick a little something for everybody.

Pastor Jonathan