​Rain, and more rain, add some more rain, etc. I am telling you this is the last time I ever pick a Vacation Bible School in relation to water; I'm just kidding.

Rainy days sometimes afford us those days to sit down and do nothing. We had pools passes all summer, and for the most part enjoyed going to this one pool. Every so often there would be that day where clouds would take over and a good thunderstorm would happen. I must admit it was a nice break from going to the pool. When we knew it was going to be bad weather (you know, that fun weather report that says 100% chance of precipitation), we’d stop at the library to get movies or even planned on going out to the movies (except one time that backfired, when we went to see a movie and the electric went out). Overall it was just a nice break from the routine of the pool.

Sometimes we need that break in life. We will be having our first youth picnic and will enjoy a break with one another on July 21 (place to be determined , but we will meet at the church at noon.)

It seems our characters in this year’s Vacation Bible School also don't get a break. We are doing Jonah next. Jonah is always a fun story, and it helps to remind us to persevere when times get tough and that God is with us sometimes in the weirdest ways.

Pastor Jonathan