Recently, there was a TV show on Netflix called "The Toys that Made Us." Now if you are my age or a parent at my parent's age, this show will hit home. Later on, they developed a show called "The Movies that Made Us." Kind of the same concept, such as Ghostbusters to Home Alone. Truth be told, I have not watched it, but the title actually meant a lot to me. I grew up with movies, ranging anywhere from the Marx's Brother's Duck Soup to Back to the Future. Movies were and still are my escape. I will literally watch just about anything (and trust me, my wife tells me all the time, I watch the dumbest stuff).

Movies defined my life at times. My friends and I would go around quoting film lines, and it would drive people out of their minds. (My sister and I used to quote one line from Weekend at Bernie’s every time we made an illegal u-turn.) At times some of these lines were very inspirational and provided much comfort in times of need and sorrow. When I was in youth group one summer, the movie to see was Free Willy. No clue why, but for some reason it struck a chord with us.

God can sometimes be like a movie…no, I do not think God sits up there with a remote and says,  “Let's see what is playing in Pastor Jonathan's life tonight." No, what I think is that God provides those right people in your life when you need it the most, with the right thing to say. Sometimes it may be scripture, a metaphor, or just encouragement.

So on March 13th (which is Friday, the 13th, and no, we are not seeing that, although I do have a good story about that movie) the movie is TBD, once I know what is out. We will probably meet at the church between 5:30-6:00, once I know what we are seeing and what time. Remember this is for all youth 10 and over. Bring money for movie and snacks, please.


Pastor Jonathan​​