I love New Year's Day , I really do. One reason is that it is the one holiday when technically you don't really have any obligations. I don't have to decorate, buy presents, or even go see family. It is a great day to relax . There is one thing about New Year's Day that is important. It is a start to a brand-new year!

Some take this opportunity to start things "new," such as exercising, eating better, taking up a new hobby, etc. These are all well and good, but the trick is to see if one is still doing things by March. It is always good to have resolutions. Here is the biggest secret with these resolutions.

Ready?!? Here it is, you have a choice to make to restart, make new, whenever you want! One does not have to wait till January 1st to start or end these resolutions.

Many years ago, I bought a picture of a fishing pier ( which ironically is no longer there ) on 59th street in Ocean City, New Jersey. One year, it just disappeared. It was always nice fantasizing about this pier every year on the beach. In one of the many gift shops on the boardwalk, I found a picture of it and on it read this verse from  Revelations 21:5, " Behold I make all things new." I was going through some of my own stuff at the time, and this little picture did help. It was source of prayer and meditation for me.

In this coming year, I want to help to make "things new" in the lives of the youth and our children. I want to try new things and help them on their journeys as well.

Blessings in this new year,

Pastor Jonathan​​