Hopi Mission School

Were you aware Point Pleasant Community Baptist Church collects various types of labels from Campbell’s products and box tops for Education? This program supports the Hopi Mission School in Kykotsmovi, Arizona. For more information, please visit www.hopimissionfoundation.org.

Information on Hopi Mission School
Hopi Mission School is nestled between Second and Third Mesas on the Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. Hopi Mission School is a small, private Christian elementary school affiliated with Mennonite Church USA and American Baptist Churches USA. The school was founded in 1951 and will celebrate their 60th anniversary in July 2011.

The student body is small in numbers but the devotion for each other is great. This small school provides a community within its walls and creates a great learning environment. The students are given individual attention due to the small class size allowing them added opportunities. Many of the students come from strong traditional families; yet, the families support the teaching of Christian values.

The Hopi Mission School was created by a group of Hopi Christian families that wanted their children to learn the teachings of the Bible. Before the mission school was built, school was being held at the Mennonite church in New Oraibi, now called Kykotsmovi. Parents asked Reverend Albert Jantzen, who was the pastor at New Oraibi at the time, to build a school for their children in 1951; a school house was built for an enrollment of 16 students. Over the years the enrollment has reached a high of 120 students in grades K-8th. Today, there are grades K-6th with 46 students. The school is a happy place for the students to learn about the teachings of the Lord as well as to further their education.
Campbell’s product labels:

Our school has acquired three vans since 1995; a 15-passenger van initially, then two 7-passenger minivans—the most recent of which was acquired in May 2003, with 1.1 million labels. With “soup inflation” the number of labels now required for a van is 1.6 million—at last report, we had accumulated over 900 thousand.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? The next time you are shopping, please look for the labels (examples below):

There is a current listing of Labels for Education and Box tops for Education available in the windowsill in Fellowship Hall. You can also obtain a current listing online via www.hopimissionfoundation.org.

On behalf of the American Baptist Women’s Ministries with Point Pleasant Community Baptist Church, we thank you for your continued support of this program!
Jeremiah 18:6
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